Progress Images

WhiteWater 3D character remake

Here we see a high resolution image of the new character design.

WhiteWater 3D Updates

Where we're at with WhiteWater 3D

As you know we've been working diligently on our new game WhiteWater 3D, making sure the controller inputs work, etc. Our intial thoughts on the character's design have changed and so we are working on making it spectacular. Character design is crucial as the player will want to customize their own to match their style. Future updates will see action shots capable of being posted o social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter.

Other areas we've been working on are the stunts / tricks for the game. Currently we only have 1 stunt working but we have plans to try and incorporate at least 5 unique stunts in the initial launch of the game. The video below will give you a quick look into where we're at with the game. The video below shows the game not working, but no worries, it's an update in the input code that caused it to stop reacting to controls.